No jailbreak? No problem. You can now use your themes from Havoc on both your jailbroken and unjailbroken devices.

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - Havoc today announced that themes on the platform are now able to be downloaded and used on stock iOS devices.

As part of Havoc’s first step into expanding access to themes on the platform, sellers can now easily upload either a zip file or a deb file to Havoc and the system will automatically make it available to both unjailbroken and jailbroken users.

Customers can now go to the order page for their purchase and click the “download icons” button to receive a download to be used on their device.

Havoc is proud to offer dozens of unique and beautiful themes such as Viola by BossGFX, Peek by XT, Echoes by Timeloop, Crayon by JustNewDesigns, Muze 4 by purdixx, and so much more!

Cryptocurrency Support

Additionally, today Havoc is also announcing that that it now supports cryptocurrency at checkout, which was the most requested payment method voted for on a recent Twitter poll. This joins Havoc’s large variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Credit Cards, and Alipay. With the addition of cryptocurrency, customers can now use their favorite coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and dozens of other options.

Cryptocurrency payments are not only more convenient for many customers, but it also provides an additional layer of privacy, especially when paired with Sign In With Apple’s Private Relay. When using both of these methods together, customers can stay completely anonymous throughout the entire account creation and checkout process.

Havoc also supports Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, allowing you to make nearly instant payments with incredibly low fees just like traditional payment methods.

Additional Updates

  • Customers can now link multiple social logins to a single Havoc account to be able to access their account through a variety of different methods.

  • Customers can also create a Havoc account using just their email address if they prefer to not use any specific login method.

  • With the release of the iOS 15 jailbreak known as palera1n, sellers can now mark their tweaks as compatible with up to iOS 15.3.1.

  • As Havoc prepares to improve navigation on the platform, we have added the ability for sellers to select tags that help categorize their packages.

  • Sellers can now see more data about how your packages are selling. On each package’s dashboard page, it now shows stats such as sales and download count.

If you are a seller, be sure to join our Discord server as this is where new seller tools are announced and you will have the opportunity to vote on upcoming features and directly provide feedback.

The Havoc team can be reached for questions and info at:
[email protected]