Tired of manually themeing each icon? Well look no further. Havoc now has built-in theme downloader for non-jailbroken devices!

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - Havoc today announced that it’s expanding its access to themes on the platform by introducing a built-in theme downloader.

As Havoc celebrate’s it’s 1st birthday, we wanted to introduce our latest feature: a built-in theme downloader for non-jailbroken deivces! By taking advantage of the WebClips feature in iOS, users are able to install their favorite themes such as Junipero by xerusdesign, iOSX by Bank5ia, and Lucent by Iba Graphics.

To install a theme, all you need to do is simply go to the order page and click on the theme you want to install. From there, look for the blue “Install Theme” button and follow the prompts on screen. You can even select which icons you want to install so you can mix and match from different themes.

Havoc is proud to offer dozens of unique and beautiful themes such as Elysian by BossGFX, Resonance by Alpha, EchoDarkBoard XS by Juanillo62gm, and so much more!

The Havoc team can be reached for questions and info at:
[email protected]