Havoc is making it even easier for customers around the globe to buy their favorite packages with the addition of Alipay.

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - Havoc today announced that Alipay support is coming to the platform as a part of Havoc’s growing lineup of payment options. While already offering PayPal, Apple Pay, and Credit Cards, Alipay gives a way for our Chinese customers to use a payment method more familar to them and be able to purchase some amazing packages from the talented sellers on Havoc.

Protecting Our Customers

As we anticipate the upcoming iOS 15 jailbreak, we have been working on a way to insure that our customers only buy products that they can actually use. Since our launch in February, we have seen time after time that many customers are buying packages even though they are running the latest iOS versions (which are not jailbreakable). So to prevent future mispurchases, we are working on Compatibility Warnings.

Compatibility Warning Popup Concept (Subject To Change)

While it already shows on each individual product page what iOS versions are compatible and that a jailbreak is required to install the product, this popup warning comes at a time when the upcoming jailbreak may cause many tweaks to not work without an update from the developer. By having these popups, customers will be able to understand the risks they are taking when buying an incompatible product.

Seller Updates

Since our last blog post, we have added 2 new features for our sellers:

  • Package depictions now support YouTube embeds
  • You are now able to gift packages to specific usernames instead of only being able to generate and send gift codes.

If you are a seller, be sure to join our Discord server as this is where new seller tools are announced and you will have the opportunity to vote on upcoming features and directly provide feedback.

The Havoc team can be reached for questions and info at:
[email protected]